Government of Jamaica

We aim to satisfy

Every life event registered and every record safe.

  • Objectives of the Registrar General's Department
    1. Maintain an island wide network of Local District Registrars and Marriage Officers to ensure accurate and timely registration of all vital events.
    2. Ensure that the public is fully informed of registration procedures to enable them to promptly and accurately give notice of all vital events to effect registration.
    3. Provide a central national facility for effective authentication and safekeeping of public records so that there is a secure repository for all data, concerning the registration and recording of vital events (including adoptions, nauralisations and deed polls).
    4. Provide access to certified copies of public documents to customers, in a timely fashion, on the payment of the appropriate fees.
    5. Provide timely statistics and analyses, categorised according to international standards, to support demographic planning by Government.