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Getting married is one of the most significant and memorable decisions that a couple can make. Once both persons have agreed to formalize their union, there are several other important decisions to be made such as the date, number of guests and type of wedding.

market flyer 1Wedding day preparations usually peak as the summer nears and this year, savvy brides are on the hunt for wedding options that not only meet their needs and expectations but are affordable.

The Registry Wedding Service offered by the Registrar General’s Department (RGD) is popular among couples living in Jamaica and overseas because it is convenient and affordable and available in all ten of RGD’s locations across the island.

The service allows couples a choice in the venue for the ceremony- an indoor decorated room or under a beautifully decorated gazebo in a secluded garden. In fact, provision has been made in the past for some couples to marry on the Kingston Waterfront.

The Ceremony is performed by a Civil Registrar or a Marriage Officer and couples are given a certified marriage certificate the following working day after the ceremony.

Many brides are thrilled by the fact that they have the option of wearing a traditional gown or anything else they choose. In addition, couples are allowed to take a maximum of eight guests and occasionally accommodation is made for larger parties on Saturdays. Upon request, the RGD can also provide witnesses.

If you are planning to get married at the RGD, there are certain requirements that must be met. You must present certified copies of both parties’ birth certificates, identification cards for example, passport or Driver’s Licence, and if divorced, a copy of the decree absolute. If one or both parties is widowed, the relevant death certificate(s) must also be provided.

Utilizing the Registry Wedding service will save you time and money and reduce the inevitable stress that comes with planning your big day.