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A Deed Poll is a legal document that allows an individual to assume a new name and provides documentary evidence of the name change.

A Deed Poll can be used to:

  • change one’s first name or surname;
  • to add names;
  • change the entire name;
  • rearrange the current name;
  • or simply change the spelling of one’s name.

What is the purpose of a Deed Poll?

To get all your documents and records (e.g. your medical records, bank account, credit cards, passport, drivers licence etc) changed to show the new name on the Deed Poll, you must produce the documentary evidence of your change of name, i.e. the Deed Poll.

A Deed Poll works in the same way as a marriage certificate for a married woman who wishes to take her husband's surname. She writes to everyone that has her name on records, enclosing her marriage certificate as documentary evidence, and requests that her surname is changed to her husband's. After changing your name by Deed Poll, you simply write to everyone, enclosing your Deed Poll as documentary evidence, and request that your name be changed to the new name shown on it.

Who can apply for a Deed Poll?

Any individual over the age of 18 years can conduct a deed poll on their own behalf. For minors, a deed poll can be done if both parents, or the individuals claiming parental responsibility for the child, give the consent to do so. Additionally, if a woman is legally married, she requires the consent of her spouse to have a deed poll done.

Deed Poll Procedure for Local Customers

  1. Interview is held
  2. Not all application warrants a Deed Poll – referral can be made to do Status, CE, LEN accordingly
  3. Documents required: Birth certificate (Photocopies will not be accepted)

`          Adoption (if applicable)

           Citizenship (if applicable)

           Marriage(s) (if applicable)

           Divorce(s) (if applicable)

           Valid picture ID or passport size picture signed by JP

  1. Application is completed and customer pays according to service type, then collects as per service time
  • Express –  (3 to 4 Days pick up)     $7500
  • Seven to Ten Days - (7 to 10 Days pick up)    $6000
  • Ordinary -  (30 Days pick up)    $5000


  1. Draft is completed and vetted by the manager to meet service time
  1. Customer reads and signs the application
  2. Instruction explained and given to customer
    1. Customer to sign draft in the presence of Justice of the Peace
    2. Stamp Office –  For draft to be stamped (111 Harbour St, Downtown Kingston)
    3. Return draft to the RGD for recording at the Island Record Office (IRO)


                                                            Birth only   Birth & Marriage

  • Express –                   (3 to 4 Days pick up)  $4500      $5000
  • Seven to Ten Days - (7 to 10 Days pick up)$3000     $3500
  • Ordinary -                   (30 Days pick up)       $2000      $2500

(Any additional documents accompanying the birth and marriage certificates for the recording process, incurs a cost of $500 each)

Please Note:

If applying on someone’s behalf, you will need:

  1. An Authorization letter , signed by JP
  2. The letter then goes to the Stamp Office.
  • Letter recorded at the IRO (RGD)

(This process is to be completed before step 4 can begin)

 Deed Poll Procedure for Overseas Customers

The entire process is carried out by the officer; drafting, sending draft to stamp office and forwarding to IRO for recording and dispatch.

  1. Cost is $201US payable by means of an International Money Order or British Postal Order payable to the Registrar General’s Department
  2. A letter addressed to The Chief Executive Officer, Registrar General’s Department (RGD), Twickenham Park, Spanish Town, St. Catherine, requesting a DEED POLL. The letter should clearly state the name change required.
  3. Documents as stated in step 3 above (Copy of valid ID Notarized or signed by Consul/Vice Consul/Jamaica High Commissioner)
  4. The draft is completed and sent off to the customer with the overseas instruction
    1. Customer to sign draft in the presence of the Notary/Consul/Vice Consul/ Jamaica High Commissioner
    2. Notary/Consul/Vice Consul/ Jamaica High Commissioner to sign and seal draft
  • Return signed draft to the RGD

Please Note:

If applying on someone’s behalf:

  1. An authorization letter is needed, which is to be signed by Notary/Consul/Vice Consul/ Jamaica High Commissioner.
  2. The letter then goes to the Stamp Office.
  • Letter recorded at the IRO (RGD)


(This process is to be completed before Deed Poll is drafted)