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The Registrar General's Department has a mobile team which is responsible for taking the services of the Agency across the island of Jamaica. The team was introduced to the Jamaican public on December 1, 2002 and since that time has conducted over 700 outreaches islandwide. The unit provides convenient and efficient customer care, by making our services easily accessible to customers especially those who reside and operate in remote areas of the island.

To date the team has visited several organizations including commercial banks, secondary and primary schools, churches and manufacturing companies. They have also attended health fairs, community meetings, Parent Teacher’s Meetings, staff meetings and other public gatherings.

The team makes arrangements with institutions and organizations and visits are scheduled for mutually agreed times each month. You may visit our website regularly to see the schedule for our mobile team.

During a mobile team outreach individuals are given the opportunity to receive private consultation with RGD representatives and apply for certified copies of vital records-birth, marriage, adoption and death certificates. Certificates for applications collected on mobile outreaches are delivered by courier to the addresses stated on the application form.

Our mobile team is waiting to hear from you. You may request their services by filling out the form to the right of the screen.

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Special Outreach

The authentication, Verification, Identity department of the Registrar General's Department takes pride in taking its services to persons with very special needs. Since being formed the unit has visted over one hundred persons with special needs and assisted them in completing application forms and satisfying requests other services of the RGD.